I started practising Pilates many moons ago while I was still working as a designer.
Yes, I used to be that person who would sit for hours at a desk drawing precious undergarments or bending over a table to create paper patterns that would metamorphose into gorgeous dresses and outfits. I did that for 18 years until my body reminded me on several occasions that it wouldn’t handle my professional lifestyle anymore. While I wanted to take care of my posture and its impacts on my back, plus a few other unresolved physical injuries, I was also driven by a deep sense of lack of connection within myself.

Having been an all-time lover of graceful, fluid, and controlled movement, Pilates was the all-in-one natural and obvious choice. My regular and consistent weekly practice, back then, proved how effective the precision and accuracy of the discipline were in enhancing my general awareness. The change and transformation that occurred within my body and my mindset were spectacular and all this was achieved within the space of just 3 to 4 months. I was addicted to the point of leaving my comfortable corporate job in the sun to train and become a Pilates instructor in a cold and rainy country… And I have never regretted it to this day!

I set up my Pilates business in 2017 and earned my stripes working for studios, doing private home visits and online one-on-one classes. I do have a preference for one-on-one classes as they help create a constructive mutual connection with my clients, focus precisely on their needs and, as a result, get them to reach their goals faster.
Since I started my teaching journey, I have worked with and supported many people with various types of physical injuries and conditions (scoliosis, EDS, fibromyalgia to name a few). The ONE thing that connected most of them, despite their obviously different physical conditions, lifestyle, and backgrounds was their BACK HEALTH!

I have become very passionate about the subject and my approach to a physical issue is not only about what is happening in the area that is in pain but also from a holistic perspective. Everything is connected in the body, and everything works together; therefore focusing on one single area might create other unneeded imbalances, and that specific area might not be the centre point of the issue you are dealing with.

My teaching style is precise, powerful, and empathetic. Perseverance, honesty, and integrity are fundamental values to me. I am a committed teacher; your well-being and helping you reach your goals are a priority for me.
That said, most of the clients who have found success and relief with me are committed, enthusiastic, and goal-driven individuals who have a long-term vision.
It is important to note that it takes about three months to feel and see results. The body is an intricate engine and we are not equally built; commitment, regularity, and patience will get you to your desired results… Trust the process!

I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Mélissa x
  • Comprehensive Mat and Studio – Alan Herdman (UK)
  • Pilates Mat Work – Level 3 (UK)
  • Pre and Post-Natal – Level 3 (UK)
  • Endlessly learning and improving my knowledge on movements, body function and mental health.